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I wonder if I type the words Bin Laden, Bomb, plan, explode, threat, United States, and rubber chicken (you never know) in the same sentence, whether the FBI/CIA/BLHC or some
other secret org will pick this post up and investigate us all.
(BLHC = Bin Laden Hate Club)
Too late Woodward, they and the cats are already on the case! I spotted a shaded moggie going through my trash only a few minutes ago!
Actually I just been defending the U.S. in a discussion with one of my rather left of centre students. Politics, a dangerous but effective way to provoke an energetic discussion!
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That's just it, I've spent my life surrounded by people from that side of the pond (even longer watching telly from there!).

Lately, I'm just getting this feeling that they're heading for a brick wall; I love the whole 'liberty/freedom' idea, so I'd rather not see that happen!
Hitch, I'm not sure which side you mean, the side with the blue/green algae or the side with the reddish pink algae? I'm guessing you mean the former. Emotion: paradise
No idea what you are talking about. Men talk I suppose. I guess the island icon caught my eye.
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The red, white & blue algae!
Hitch, are you talking to me? What is that supposed to mean?
It's a secret code we use so nobody knows what we are talking about. You know, in world domination areas. Can you decipher it Maj?
(I'm sorry hitch, I just had to do itEmotion: wink You know where I'm coming from, I couldn't resist)
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Very, very funny. Emotion: bat
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