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Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
but on the other hand , most of the 'serial killers' movies are set in the states?are either toothless , banjo playing everglades persons shouting piggie sounds, or they are stylish movers and shakers robbing casinos and stuff with ease, like they were born blaggers!
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Yes Pinky! Banjo playing everglades persons shouting piggie sounds! However did you guess?
I loved Ocean's 11 though!Emotion: smile

Since I wrote the first post on this thread I've seen another 3 films that had British people in them; the whole plot was pointless because we all knew FROM THE BEGINNING that the Brit would be the 'baddy' - and we were right!

Btw: If there are any blonde Europeans here – You guys play the ‘hitmen/women!’ Lol
I watched the American Disney film Mary Poppins on the weekend. She caused the death of the bank manager! It also had some disturbing occult undertones.
Ah, Disney and undertones ..... what a subject!
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Oh, I almost forgot, Mary was a Pom (British).
Last weekend I watched SWAT and it was even funnier. Forget the days of Mexican/Columbian druglords, Arab/Irish terrorists, or blonde Europeans with terrible accents; now the new wave is to make the French look like arrogant and evil blokes.

undertones? were'nt they a band?
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Ok, from now on i'm going to list every yank film I watch that uses a foreigner as the baddy:

'Showtime' (2000 or something) - cheesy 'couldn't make out the accent' generic foreigner - dies at end..

(I should really point out the films that have foreigners in them that don't turn out to be evil, but I can't think of any - seriously)