I'm so sick of it! I can't take it anymore, I thought they would realise in the 80s, then the 90s! I mean how long before EVERYBODY notices and it's seen as completely bigoted.

Every single bad person in 90% of Hollywood films is either English or German (and blonde). It is so predictable that it's been ruining plots. Imagine all British movies portrayed Americans as loud, whining, evil idiots. Wouldn't somebody notice!?

I've got so many American friends who've set such a great example for their country that I continually resist the urge to forget the U.S as being irrelevant + small-minded. Don’t even get me started on the last year of Bushing.


Btw: If you look at the cover of an American movie you can tell "who will be who" from any lines separating the cast in the artwork?!
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What about Hugh Grant? He's always a goodie in films. Maybe, Americans thinks is a baddie in real life?
It's very unusual for a foreigner to be cast as main character in a HW film (there are some exceptions)
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Nichole Kidman? Hitch, are you losing objectivity?
Penelope Cruz?
I love the way almost all phone numbers in Hollowood movies start with 555___.
Have you ever noticed?
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I don't know what you are talking about. Can you explain that, please?
Well, more often than not, when someone in a Hollowood movie, American sitcom, or other American production quotes a telephone number, it starts with 555.
Don't believe me? Watch and listen! You will be amazed!
I think it has something to do with not getting sued by someone who has a real phone number and they then falsely accuse (and sue) the producers that they are being harrassed and now has psychological damage blah, blah blah.
They made a joke about this in one of Arnold Scharzwhatever's (I can't spell his name) movies. I think it was called the last action hero or something like that.
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