Need your help again. Would you please tell me what "off" here means? Is the bathroom next to the kitchen or opposite to the kitchen? Thank you!
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It means that the bathroom can only be reached by going through the kitchen.
I don't understand. Why is that so? Will people be happy to have bathroom attached to the kitchen? Thank you!
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The the bathroom off the kitchen is the bathroom that is attached to or connected to or beside the kitchen.

You might have a hallway the joins the kitchen and bathroom. My spilled some wine on my shirt. Where can I wash my shirt? You can use the bathroom off the kitchen over there.

Thank you MountainHiker.
ahava yin,

My pleasure.

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No I disagree. That would be the bathroom 'next to' the kitchen, not off it.

A lot of old terraced houses in England were built without a bathroom (normal for Victorian times) so they have to have a bathroom added for modern use. The downstairs normally has a living room at the front and a kitchen at the rear (and two bedrooms upstairs, house type known as a two-up,two-down!)so the easiest place to add a bathroom without losing a bedroom is to build a small extension behind the kitchen.

It is not exactly everyone's idea of the perfect location but is not that unusual in that type of property. I have a couple of friends with 'bathrooms off the kitchen' in this way. A door in the kitchen leads to their only bathroom.

Merriam Webster

Main Entry: off
Function: preposition
1 a -- used as a function word to indicate physical separation or distance from a position of rest, attachment, or union off the table> off the main walk> off the main street> b : to seaward of off shore>

Does the building code allow bathrooms next to a kitchen in residential applications
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