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My Lithuanian grandma of course.

...who is a doctor.

But sisters and brothers had she none.
...who is a doctor.

But sisters and brothers had she none.

though she lived in the house with the red door next to the man who played the violin.

John Dean
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Thing is, the British forms of beard tend to be ... even the South African variety of beard requires some upkeep.

There's also the Harold Shipman and, yes, my observations indicate that they all require maintenance which makes the time-saving argument pretty spurious.

In my forty bearded years I've tried several varieties. I haven't found one, and I can't imagine one, that would even take as much as 1/3 of the amount of time it takes to shave. My current beard style (untidy full academic shorty) takes about as much time to trim as it takes me to shave when clean shaven, but I only do it about once every three or four weeks. Considerable saving. I know folk who trim their beards a lot less than that, e.g., those who trim their moustaches but never ever trim the beard.

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