Hello, my hobby is reading books but I also really like watching funny movies. Which comedies have made you laugh the most? What can you recommend? Which one is the best to you?

Please reply

Mr. Bone part 2.

Johni English part 1 n 2.

It's complicated

Amazing comedy! There is not a chance you won't like it!

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Oh, I love watching comedies! I even think that comedy is one of the best genres in cinematography at all! I've watched lots of comedies and I have several favourites films, as well as comedians. My top-3 are Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and Johnny Depp (yeah, I know he's played not in comedies only but he's one of my most favourites actors anyway). And as for movies themselves, I'd name "Mrs Doubtfire", "The Tuxedo" and "Liar, Liar".