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Yes, The Breakfast Club would be a good one for learning the English of everyday communication.

Hello The post is looking nice.

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For me, the best comedy ever is FRIENDS series. I have watched it many times and I tend to carry on watching it.

The movie is about American life, friendship,... brings us so much funnies and take-home messages.

Oh, and we forgot about the pure classics of cinema. No one remembered a word about the founder of the comedy genre in the world. Someone might have already guessed that I was talking about Charlie Chaplin, the new generation stopped watching the classic, well, at least read about this prankster wowessays. It was and remains the standard of comedy, even now with advances in technology, no one can play a movie so sincerely

Hi there. I personally like Rush Hour all parts

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Hello. There is a very cool movie "Nanny". Printable activities for preschoolers. There is a kind of humor there, since the film includes not only the comedy genre, but also horror. https://wunderkiddy.com/category/animals I advise you to view it. By the way, there is also the second part, which is no worse than the first)

Undercover Brother

Me, Myself and Irene

The Producers (Wilder and Mostel)

I'm sure I'll think of others later, but these are the creme de la creme for me. There are about a hundred runners-up, like Borat and 50 First Dates and Young Frankenstein and Deuce Bigalow and Raising Arizona.

For me the best comedy movie is:
Mother's Love : Great fun to watch with the family
The fourth passenger: Very funny mixture of romance, action and comedy

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The best comedy I've seen has been "Ocho apellidos vascos". It's a Spanish comedy and it made me laugh a lot! If you understand Spanish humor, I recommend you see it.

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