Hello, my hobby is reading books but I also really like watching funny movies. Which comedies have made you laugh the most? What can you recommend? Which one is the best to you?

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I would like to tell some movies from 2015.

1. "What do We Do in the Shadows" is one of the best comedy movies in the year. It is strange and good. I feel the calmness while watching, maybe it shows the happiness of the country that the movie produced in. It is a New Zealand film.

2. "Welcome to me", is a story of a woman with psychiatric problems. She wins a lottery and gives up her medications. It is not a super hilarious movie, but has some take home messages. It tells our madness.

3. "The Intern" does not make people laugh very much, but funny movie with Robert De Niro. We can learn many things from old and experienced people.

Hello! To my mind, "1+1" is the best comedy ever! Emotion: smile

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I would recommend to watch The Internship with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Funny movie and it's motivating also. There are many great comedies so why not check here. You can also watch The Breakfast Club.

Bruce Almightly is the best one

Yeah, I really like almost all films with Jim Carrey

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I think it's "FRIENDS" !)

I really like The Internship too. Really great movie and its motivating indeed. I can also suggest watching Dazed and Confused. It's the first movie where Matthew McConaughey starred.

I like see movies with subtitles, short movie and funny movie. My best film is FRIENDS. I like see it many times one piece and repeat after actors sentences. When I learn one piece by hart I go to other piece. Good site for learning is puzzle-english. There I play puzzle and learn new words.

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