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Obviously 2Pac had the greatest diss track of all time, along, the top 5 is,Nas,Jay-Z,50 Cent, and The Game.

Tha Latino King(G.J.G.) has spoken

IWA World Champion
peanut butter jelly sandwich by mc bum bum is a great diss
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Its straight up like this, 1. The Game-300 bars and runnin, possibly the greatest 'song' let alone 'dissi. 2. Hit em up-2pac, another great track, only number two because 300 bars goes for so long nd is purely awesome. 3. Romeo- U cant shine like me, owns bow wow completeley
2pac is the best and will always be the best.
Cypress Hill dissed Ice Cube pretty hard on Ice Cube Killa. Also Common dissed Cube on the Bich in You.
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Nah u don know those fuck u`z wasn`t to everybody he dissed chino XL and said he ain`t on his level
No Vaseline was diss to NWA after they broke up. Speaking of... that was the best diss.
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1. Big L - Freestyle '98

2. 2Pac - Hit em up

3. NaS - Ether

4. WSC - King of the hill
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