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There are lots of great diss tracks. Ice Cube-King of the Hill and No Vaseline are both tight. The infamous 2pac-Hit 'em up is on there. And of course Dr. Dre-Fuck wit Dre Day. Can't forget Tha Dogg Pound-New York, New York. Eazy E-Real Muthaphuckkin' G's. And Nas-Ether was ok. In my opinion those are the best diss tracks so if you wanna hear some good diss tracks listen to them if you haven't already.
i guess ...great ba nd hiphop ...

beastie boys ....
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Well, i can't remember the titles of the tracks. But Eminem and Cage's beef was fire! Killer-shit right there!
the best diss song of all time is Ice Cube's No Vaseline. N.W.A. was the shit but Ice Cube fucked them up.
has evryone 4got about no vaseline by Ice Cube? Ether,takeover,hit em up, and 2nd round are the best diss tracks ive heard but come on, none are as viciouse as no vaseline. after that NWA was finished. R.I.P. NWA

Lowlife Demon King
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1) 2pac hit em up rips biggie an puffyEmotion: big smile
2) 50 cent How to rob disses 2 many peopleEmotion: smile
3) the game 300 bars... too sik[H]
2pac - Hit' em up

na krs one kill's nelly, nas kill's jay-z man that was good hip hop
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Out in Denver Colorado fools named 2-fly ripped up this entire gang called the Birds (KKK type thing) and juggalos. Track is crazy. check it out. 5 Point Productions...2-fly
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