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Nas - Ether
My list

1) Hit em Up

2) Ether

3) XXX(Removed by moderator) wit' Dre Day

4) The Takeover

5) 300 Bars
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1) The Game - 300 bars and runnin'

2) Nas - Ether

3)Eazy E - Real mutherfuckin' G's

4)Dr Dre - Fuck wit dre day

5)Westside Connection - Cross 'Em Out And Put A'

AND Death row - Fuck Dre (Aftermath, dr dre, nwa, eminem diss)

THE MOST CREATIVE DISS IS: Jadakiss ft styles p - I'm sorry ms jackson

Hit em Up, Pac vs. Big. Greatest diss song ever recorded. E-40 and the Bay Area vs. Rasheed Wallace, must hear. Scarface, Z-Ro and S.L.A.B. vs. 50 cent, my personal favorite just cuz 50 cent is the weakest rapper to ever come across the mic. SNITCH. Flips freestyle vs. T.I. some pretty funny shit. All of Texas vs. Paul Wall and Mike Jones. For those who actually jam these two bitches i feel sorry for u. I was listening to those two scrubs before they ever hit the big scene and im tellin u, they are by far the worst example of the type of music that comes out of Texas. Find their underground shit from like 98 and 99 and tell me that u still love there music, same crap lyrics just remastered. They cant even design a catchy hook without biting U.G.K. or some of The S.U.C.'s previously recorded tracks.
No Vaseline by Ice Cube, hands down. 300 Bars second, NaS after that. And (I love it) Eazy-E - Wut Would You Do as 4th.
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2pac's hit em up is pretty good... but makaveli's against all odd's is raw which gives it the edge. he takes ti 2 a new level with makaveli
no vaseline isnt a cypress hill diss, its an NWA diss... however king of the hill is a cypress hill diss. Cypress then used to beat from king of the hill and ripped them on it.
it has 2 be HIT EM UP by 2pac...and Real Compton City G'z by Eazy-E
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naw look 4 problem solver by lil wayne he straight diss tha out gillies
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