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That's a NWA diss not a Cypress Hill diss...
1. Ether by nas
2. Hit 'em up by pac
3. The B**** in Yoo by com sense
4. Hush Little Baby by ras kass (how has NO ONE mentioned this song, he destroys the game with this)
5. Takeover by jay-z

and i know he says he's not dissing anyone at the begining of the song, but N****s Lie a Lot by talib kweli is pretty funny
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There was a song I heard a few years ago totally dissing Jay_z. Don't know what it was called. Basically it would play a line from a Jay-Z song, and then followed with a the original line from the song where he stole it. It was a really cool song, but don't know who it was by or what it was called? Basically calling out Jay-Z for being unoriginal. If anyone knows the song, please post!
Y'all r forgetting the classic The Bridge is Over - I don't think Shan or the Juice Crew was heard from again - except for Marley Marl. That one has to be in there somewhere.
look it goes like this

1. eminem-nail in the coffin to benzino

2. 2pac-hit em to biggie

3. jadakiss-shots fired to 50 cent

4. marshall law- your not gutta and mack mack pow to lights (he is an underground rapper)

5.eminem-go to sleep to ja fool and benzino
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Breathe by Yukmouth dissing the game. He managed to shut him up,, which noone else has yet. Game hasnt even replied to it.. must hear. then all the rest everyone else is saying. And Real Muthapphukkin G's by Eazy E (rip)
dont be an idiot...ice cube dissed NWA with no vasoline, listen to the song tard.
Afroman - Whack Rappers is the true best iss song..
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i would probably have to say one of the bset diss songs tht no one has mentioned would be "no vaseline" by ice cube...he jus disses N.W.A. and shit and i agree with al the other ones tht are on here
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