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Well Seen!!

But I would put Common #1

The B*TCH in YOO has to be the Greatest Diss Song EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then come ETHER
ye but guerilla black went for over 20 minutes and his shit was wack as hell! Although game wasnt bad!

Nas- Ether
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I would have to say that the best is by LL Cool J smashing up on CAN I BUS in the RETURN OF JACK THE RIPPER
haha for some reason eminem always brings it the hardest with his delivery. But I actually think "Girls" by em was better than nail even though they are both my favorites lol. I think nas ether is #3 after those 2, but i thought that nas RAPED jay z with that, i didnt even like takeover too much. hit em up is pretty good but it was wierd that big neve made a song against him. Krs one killed nelly with "Over here". I also liked canibus' second round k.o. towards ll. and finally the game destroyed g unit. =D.
1) Eminem - Girls
2) Eminem - Nail In the Coffin
3) Nas - Ether
4) The Game - 120 bars
5) KRS One - Ova here =)
B itch in Yoo by Common.... just destroys Cube in this song.
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i agree. B itch in Yoo by Common best diss track
wow. I just read the same songs about 40 times and heard three or four i didnt know... listen to some Bangem Smurf and Domination, cd after cd of an original G Unit member rippin 50, and he knows 50 from the day.. The original members of three six mafia KILL 3 6, im talkin about my favorite rapper T-Rock, on "My Lil Arm" , "F**k Three Six" theres one more i think, they are old and the beef is dead but damn. Then Playa Fly another 3 6 OG With "Tripple Bitch Mafia" Then how about Tommy Wright III dissin Bone Thugs or Bone Thugs dissin Three Six mafia. You all need to get your head out of the commercial stuff. Only like 2 people said anything not mainstream. My favorite diss i like the Canibus song Who Got Bodied he goes hard, but my fav is my lil arm its to funny.

Eazy - real ********* G's
Bg Knocc out Dresta - DPG Killa
Nas - Ether
Ice Cube - No vaseline
Krs - Bridge is Over
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i'm really feeling checkmate by jada at the minute. he tears 50 a new one in that.

same for royce da 5'9 in malcolm x

"since slim signed 50, i dont see ur teeth as much, thats good cause you got a grill like a fucking truck"

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