• It is undoubtedly true that traffic snarl-up is becoming a controversial issue in many major cities. In my opinion, I agree that the most appropriate solution of governments is to supply free public transport system.

    Firstly, public transport assist to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road. Indeed, buses or trains has a seating capacity of from 50 to several hundred whereas the private vehicles such as motor or car can cover maximal 7 seats. If we use public transport instead of private one, it is able to release remarkable the number of vehicles which are the prior reason leading to traffic jam. For example, when HCM city launched the bus route number 91 from Tan Binh District to National University, it contributed to control the heavy traffic jam on Cong Hoa road.

    Furthermore, free public transport in 24 hours everyday has positive impact on consumer’s choice between public and private means because of some benefits. In particular, using common transport allow people to save much money and time as well as interact with others. For instance, when I drive my motorbike to work, it take me around 1 million VND for fuels, fare, maintenance service and 60 hours for driving per month. By saving this money and time, i can purchase and read my interesting books or solve many individual problems. Above all, it opens up ample opportunities to communicate with other people.

    However, as a result of this free system, governments may face some financial problems. They have to pay salary for driver, fuels, fare but without revenue. This is apparent challenges because not only does governments have a large budget but they also have to balance it well.

    Generally, despite of some drawbacks, I believe that creating the free transport system is the best solution for government to control traffic congestion.

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