Hi friends,
I'm a software engineer, I would like to improve my english fluency. That's why I am asking for any Free software for spoken English available to help me.

UPDATE: Spoken English videos

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i am a student. like everybody i 2 like to speak in eng fluently but my fear became my fate.
when all the people around me r talkin in eng i ll b just watchin them.bcause of this im facin a great struggle with in my self.so pls kindly help me.

The best way to improve your fluency is to use the language. If you are with English speakers, try to join in the converstaion - this is the only way you will learn to speak.

The site below has lots of information, excersises and audio material to help you.

Try out our live chat room.
I think you should search the free software for spoken english on the net,because i consider the net as the source of the spring .My you have a good improvement in your english study !
Hai friends

I am kuldeep i m a network engg. i would like to improve my english fluent. That's why i am asking any free software available to improve english fluent.


Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
i am a engineer and i want that software for my interview
I want a free software to speak english. please help me for it.
Have a look here, guest

FREE audio sites and software
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies

Hope u will be fine .....i am jiya from Pakistan .....i want to chat wid u so may be it will helpfull for improving my English ............Thanks
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