Hi friends,
I'm a software engineer, I would like to improve my english fluency. That's why I am asking for any Free software for spoken English available to help me.

UPDATE: Spoken English videos

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Hi friends
i would like to know more about ENGLISH GRAMMAR especially pronounciation.
Iam Narasimha,I am a software engineer,I would like to improve my Communication skills and speak english fluently, if possible ,pls send me free software for that
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i m student of software engineering in pakistan but i feel so much diffeculities in spoken english plz help me who can i improve my english i shall be very thx ful to u
and send me software that help for saying some words that i can hear them
I wish to get free software of audio english fleuncy
here is an excellent web site:


It offers audio and video material, and exercises, all free.
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I am shadab. I am pursuing M.B.A. i would like to speak english in a fluency without hesitation, so provide me a free english speaking software. thanx
Oh.. Great. I would love to have this piece of software to help improve my english. Please send it to me

Hi all,
The web site I gave is not a software programme, but an on-line programme operated by the BBC. It has audio and visual material which is regularly updated. I recommend you visit the site, and have a look at and a listen to the materials. There are also sections dealing with grammar and common problems.

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