Okay. who do YOU think is the BEST rap artist. and What is/are your favorite song(s) by them
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It's a new cat coming out of the WEST COAST, goes by the name TWISTED. Not TWISTA out of the MID WEST, but TWISTED from the other west. This brother got mad flows, Bomb music, and he got a look. I don't know what his future in the game looks like because this label be shady on new cats. But this dude is KILLER.

a.k.a. underground ear.
Best rap artist is 2Pac, and rest is shit! He was onlyone that was true. He wasn´t pretending to be gangsta, he was real. Best song? Smile, Letter to my unborn child, Changes, I ain´t mad at cha, Unconditional love, Me against the world, If i die tonite, In the air tonite (RMX Phill Colins), Ambitions as a rider, Ballad of a dead soldier.............................
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yea 2pac if you want to hear some good lyrics but we all know that biggie smalls got really better songs, personally prefare him to 2pac.............. But i m a G-unit fan , 50 keepin it real ,
mmm... some interesting artist! I'll co-sign em, however I'll have to go with Busta Bust! He's my all time fav! But for know it's COMMON and his whole new album "BE"Emotion: smileEmotion: big smile

Have ya'll heard?!Emotion: wink
Personally I don't think "50" and "keeping it real" belong in the same sentence, unless you have the word "never" in there somewhere
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the best rapper is big and te next is 2 pac and the next is jay z and nas thats the list so don`t with the rubbish talk 2 pac wasn`t a gangstar
whos twisted?
my list is the following......

5-10 in any order -lil wayne-ludacris-mos def-run dmc-ti-jadakiss

4. mmmmmmmm......eminem

3. 2 pac

2. jay z

1. notorious big
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