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500 UV, it sounds really great!
Oh,it is a cool website!
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
For being more successful, you need to create an English environment all around you. It will improve your listening and speaking skills simultaneously. It would be much better if you could communicate in English only and watch English programmes in TV on a daily basis. That is why I always watch the "English Club TV" channel. It`s an on-line educational channel, they speak slowly and clearly. There are various programmes such as news, programmes related to business and tourism, for children and explaining many English idioms and phrasal verbs, etc. starting from Elementary up to Advanced level. You can try a free option for a start and take a membership later in case you enjoy it. I used to have many obstacles for my listening and speaking skills but watching the channel has made me fluent and confident.

There is a reference http://english-club.tv/index.php/on-the-go
Wow, there is a lot of work here, membership site software, social networking, graphics, logos, not to mention the videos themselves.
Do you have any advice for those starting to make ESL videos? What obstacles did you have to overcome? What mistakes did you make which cost you time and effort? What were some of the most suprising things about making and publishing the videos?

I am trying... it's hard work, but fun.