Hi dear friends,

I've been working on a video site for a year. Actually i created it for Turkish students learning English, but since almost %95 of videos are in English language, you can visit and watch them for free. I will be happy if you can share the links of videos you like on social websites.

Here is the link:

http://www.ingilizcevideo.com /

Emotion: smile the link means (englishvideo com)

please share your comments here to let others know what you think
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you better use the top menu where you can see lots of categories Emotion: smile
Just try it and i m sure you will like it Emotion: smile
Hi, Jonathan,
Your video site is amazing!
May I download some stories in English just for my own use?
I know there is the download option there, but I think I should ask, because (I guess) those works are Yours.

Best regards,
Adam Thundero
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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your comments about http://www.ingilizcevideo.com /

Soon i ll change some titles in Turkish into English. Emotion: smile That was a news about my site

That s very kind of you to ask about downloading.
Yeah, of course you can download videos you want to watch again and again

Best regards,
Thanks, Jonathan.
So now, when I have Your agreement, I just start downloading.
Of course I`ll be recommending that site to all of my friends, because it`s really well done.
Very good and educative stuff for English language learners.
Keep up the fantastic job!

With best wishes,
Adam Thundero
great effort jonathan! let me check it... Emotion: smile
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Thanks Adam,

I hope your friends will also like it and keep the link of my site on their bookmarks.

Best regards,

thanks a lot. I hope you ll find it helpful for learning English. Enjoy your stay there
That link is already on my YouTube site, Jonathan.
Great works deserve recommendations.

Best regards,
Adam Thundero
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