Lex: If we can raise the capital for an employee lead
buyout, we can keep the plant running.

Manager: Buyout?

Lex: I can raise nearly 90% of the capital.

Manager: What about the rest? We're supposed to mortgage our houses?

Lex: It's a risk, I know, but in exchange, the investors (He's refering to them, right?)
will become minority owners.

Gabe: Doesn't your father control the board (of directors)? What makes you think
he's gonna go along with a buyout?

Lex: I know a couple of members I can convince, and I don't need a unanimous decision.
I'm offering you the chance to take control of your own destiny.
Stand with me, and we will win.
Yes re investers, and not necessarily re directors. The board doesn't have to be made up of directors, it could be a board of senior managers depending on the type of company it is. So, the 'board' is generally made of people in the most senior positions, but not necessarily directors.
Got it. Thanks, Tidus!