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HI NYLA I have suggestion for the colour of your signature which is


I hope you like it Emotion: big smile
Tahank you very much,dear!I like it! Emotion: wink

[F] Nyla [F]
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THAT IS GREAT , DEAR NylaEmotion: big smile[Y]

orange flower
hey there..

Orange Flower thanx 4 your nice topic i love it

i like the colours more Emotion: wink

thanx again

HI Najd

Thank you too for your nice words and I love your name because "you know" your name is the name of the Hill which is in all the middle of [L]kingdom of saudi arabia[L]which I belong and I live on it Emotion: wink .

orange flower
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Hello Orange, I really like, and very much enjoy with your colour, you should be an editor of a kid or teenager magazine, I felt lost into my childhood time again.

Allow me to be straightforward if you want to be my friendEmotion: smile you would be a very much lovely girl if you will not talk in the way of religion concerned as same as I will never admire my religion to you. It's not my religion is not great but I know your religion also great so I will never bring to compare with yours. I personally like you but if it concerned to religion I am not prefer. I am sorry for my straightforward speaking, I am lazy to think more polite to say.[K]
Orange Flowerthank you brother Salman [F] ,

I want to say that I just like keep my name always under all my post Emotion: big smile and about the colour because orange fruit colour isorange and there are red flower colour and I mix between the two colours for harmo nical

orange flower

I see, so you combine orange fruit with red flower, thats the concept I got it!
How about this combination sister, purple grapes with white rose?
orange flower

hey sis... any time..and i love my name too Emotion: stick out tongue i'd love to know yours if it's ok

C YAEmotion: wink
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HI Atitaya ,

Thank you alot for this compliment Emotion: big smile .

and I want to say that my pleasure to be your friend [L] and I do not know that talk about my religion abset you I was thinking we are in the century which free speak about our religion and I am sorry if I abset you [F].

Orange Flower
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