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HI Mythical Lady

My admire of you become increased and "thank you " does not enough .

Orange flower
Dear Mytical Lady,

Everybody love what they believe, try not to talk something else than what they love is better, don't you think?

Those ancient sects were memorized by my religion, it's not easy to prove its thruth by persons of other believes. If I brought out to put here for different people to see, I don't think it's a good idea because nobody would believe as it's so long time ago. If there is criticizing and negative thought I would not like any negative result happen, it's my personal belief, but religion should be reasoneble to share idea among each other until it's still in peace. Anyway, I have posted about these sects in another topic. let's see what will happens. I hope I do it best. [L]
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All the judgments should stop for the ones who wash or like to stay dirty! You can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt me. Stop caring so much about other people. If you choose to do what a religion says then do it without judgement of other people who arent doing it you way. Keep your religious beliefs to yourself. Wash yourself all you want just don't look down at others who don't do it too. You are not better or cleaner then anyone in this world. If you think you are then you already lost and you should pray to your God for forgiveness. You are not the judge. People like you make me sad. Think deeply before you insult people