I don't know if any others find this a problem. Every time when I try to click the page index on the top right corner, the options panel of the bookmark toolbar pops up and covers the page index. I have to take away the mouse and move it careful from the bottom up to the page index, taking care not to overshoot, otherwise the options would cover up the page index again. Can the bookmark toolbar moved to somewhere else, e.g. beside the "subscribe using any feed reader" toolbar?
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It does the same thing to me, Petr. The question mark above the Message box also pops out and alarms me sometimes. I'm learning to tiptoe in their vicinity these days.
Hey Pter, I usually change page clicking on the 'numbers of page' placed at the bottom of the page to bypass that toolbar Emotion: wink
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Hi, Francesca. I also use the page index at the bottom right corner of the page. Many websites put these navigational elements (e.g. page index) both at the top and the bottom because different people may need to use them at different situations. For example, I may be following a particular thread that already has five pages and I notice that someone has posted to it because it is at the top of "My Discussions". Since the links to the threads under "My Discussions" always go to the first page, I'll have to click on "page 5" after I open the first page of that thread. And in such situations, I won't scroll down to the bottom to find the page index.
I also use tab browsing in Firefox a lot and therefore my mouse pointer is frequently near the top. And when my mouse move from the top to the page index, it always crosses the bookmark toolbar. I have to do a U-turn!
I was just thinking, with the many good features of EF including email notification, bookmark may not be something that many users would use much. That's why the suggestion to move it somewhere else.
Hi, Mr M. There is a theory on human computer interaction that says the smaller the area, the longer the time you need to position your mouse in that area. Isn't that common sense? What's not common sense about that theory is that it has a formula that accurately predicts the average time required. I forgot the formula and the name of that theory. But if you have to tiptoe your way in a website, that means there are still rooms for improvement in terms of usability. Most of the time, the website designer won't notice these usability issues and because of the very wide range of user behaviours. Such issues are sometimes difficult to predict.
Yep, does it to me too! - We'll try and find a new place for it shortly..
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Ok, it's not the *perfect* solution, but it's been moved out of the 'hit area'..
We'll revisit this one properly a little later on with one of the soon-to-be-frequent functional design refreshes.
Example thread Topics on religion
What a nice little tweak! Thank you so much for addressing this so quickly. Making design changes, no matter how "minor" it is, is not as simple as it looks. I really appreciate it.
By the way, I noticed that you also introduced the "Share on Facebook" toolbar. I wonder why you use text to make it because the other toolbars are graphics. A quick prototype? In this thread I am now replying to, the toolbar is broken into two lines with a line wrap between "on" and "Facebook". It's because I use pretty large fonts and the title of this thread is long.
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