Could you please explain me the meaning of the sentence - "The boots issued to them had fallen to bits."?

Hello, Oleg!

Похоже, выданные кому-то ботинки (сапоги) "развалились на кусочки". Наверное, были некачественные. Emotion: big smile Больше мне, по крайней мере, ничего в голову не приходит.

To teachers and natives:

I have tried to explain the sense of that phrase in Russian. But I am still not sure I understand it correctly, so I would like to know the true meaning too.

"The boots issued to them had fallen to bits."? The boots they were given had - disintegrated, come apart. All they had left were a few pieces of leather.

It sounds like a line from War and Peace, with Napoleon's army retreating from Moscow!

Best wishes, Clive
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Oh, I understood that sentence rightly then. Good. Emotion: smile Thank you, Clive!
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