the buck stops anywhere but his desk = ?

"The president's shifting explanations and excuses demonstrate, once again, that this president believes the buck stops anywhere but his desk," Kerry said in a statement. He said Bush should act more like former president John F. Kennedy, whose name Bush has invoked lately in seeking crossover votes from Democrats, and "take responsibility for his actions."
Kerry is accusing Bush of avoiding responsibility. The saying is 'the buck stops here', and the 'buck' was originally a marker in poker (a card game) which indicated the current (or next?) dealer. The saying means that ultimate responsibility resides 'here'; it was made famous by a sign to that effect on President Harry S. Truman's desk, and they are now sold in many office supply shops as a desktop ornament.
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Hi there
Speaking of which, in the context of the US election campaign, I heard the
phrase "dead heat". What does it means?
A 'heat' is a stage of a race, and a 'dead heat' is an extremely close race, virtually tied near its end.