Hi. Does anyone know much about this method of teaching English? Has anyone got experience of teaching with this method? Thoughts appreciated Emotion: wink
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Opinion seems to be spilt about 50/50
Cheers for that Abbie. I guess opinion is divided on the Callan method, but one thing's for sure, it doesn't allow the teacher any creativity (the creative teacher that is). I was in touch with a guy in Poland who has a Callan school and he insists on sticking to the method. Then again, if you're new to the whole EFL game, teaching Callan-style isn't a bad start I suppose.
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Well, I suppose you have a very strict framework, but do you really need to be a teacher to follow it? there are other sources which give great ideas for lessons without being so prscriptive. Emotion: smile
Hi doodles,

I've attended different language courses, including the one based on the callan method. Now, I'm studying the English language at the university in Poland.
Although I attended callan clases only for 2 months I've got my opinion on it.
I'm not surprised that opinions are split 50/50, as I have the same opinion. The fact is that the course is for beginners, I think it's up to the FCE level (or this is what it is said to be), it doesn't demand high qualification from a teacher (no sophisticated vocab. , no grammar drill, repetitions) , the whole method is about repetitions, so students are to repeat the same sentences over and over again (which is not that bad).
The method itself is rather strict, you read sentences or questions and students have to give answers. It is like ping-pong - question-answer. Students are delibaretly put under stress. They learn chunks of language by continuous repetition of the same phrases.
You have to teach according to the book. However, most of the courses are based on books.
Tha callan books are a bit different from the others, the method is about speaking, and this is its priority, so you talk for 50 minutes.
There is always a posiibility to be creative, and give sth from yourself, everything depends on you and your class.
The problem is that you may teach very beginners who won't be able to understand you so they may feel disapointed but I think that's a chalange.
I think that rather adults than teenagers attend th callan courses, groups are rather small (4-8 people).
I share your opinion that it is a very good idea if you are a beginning teacher. I think it is good to have some experience before you start making lesson plans etc.
As I said you don't have to rack your brain to teach this method but it might be inetersting to try.
The adavntage of this method is that almost everything is done in class, so the method is for busy people who don't have time for studying at home.

I know that there is a Cammbridge certificate for teachers which is worth doing if you want to work for big language schools. I don't know the details but I've heard that such a certificate is required by some schools.

i hope that helps,
Thanks Piotr. That's a great help!
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I taught the Callan Method in southern Poland for almost six months and would like to give a more personal observation about my experience. I was initially hired as a conversationalist for the students in hopes they would begin to feel comfortable speaking English with a native speaker; speaking to me directly was their biggest fear, but I was soon teaching lessons instead. I selected the most experienced student in each group to be my translator or assist me with less advanced students in the group. The school administrator gave me free reign to improvise my lesson plans once I became familiar with the Mods and I stuck to the repetition 'drill' most of the time. This freedom to imporvise was a welcome change of pace for the students. Most of them had spent the entire day in regular school already by the time they got to me and were in brain overload. It was a challenge to keep them interested in repetition. We would sometimes just have conversation classes. Other times we played word games or a few other diversions that helped them to learn. It was my first time teaching. My Polish was limited, but not necessary. However, I arrived with a working knowledge of the language. With the Callan Method, I was able to walk into a classroom and meet 5-6 adolescents for the first time who maybe knew 10 English words, but we would get through the 2 hours easily. This first meeting scenario happend 11 times. Some groups were nearing completion of all 12 mods, so it was necessary to be prepared for mutliple levels of proficiency every day. The Callan Method is a fantastic start for someone who wants to get some classroom experience. Something else; it helps to speak slowly, deliberately and with carefully chosen words. The students appreciated it and said I was easier to understand than other teachers. The only problem I had with the Callan Method was that it was seriously out-of-date and some of the words are no longer used in contemporary English. While a teaching certificate or degree wasn't necessry, the challenge (for me) was in teaching 311 students when I was told I would only have 30, especially because they were never told to expect me. I believe my experience was different from others who have taught this method because I could imporvise, but I think almost anyone would enjoy the experience and the travel.
Welcome Maria, and thank you for sharing your experience of the Callan Method. It seems to have been positive for you.
i've been teaching using the callan method. it is an effective way of learning english. the reason why it is so effective is because is is so repetetive. if i was to recommend a way of learning english this would be it. i have also experience in using other mehtods and i preferred this one.
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