As far as I remember, someone has indicated in his response that an abstract noun does not usually take a determiner like "the" unless the author does it for stylistic reason, but I think even (?) abstract nouns can take on, aside from being stylistic, the determiner "the" under a right context. Can any one give me some examples where they can take on "thes"?
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You must be a young man, Aperisic-- you have a penchant for overreaction. You have made valuable contributions to many threads here, and I hope you will continue to do so.

Best regards,

I have resolved the issue. Thanks for your help.
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Usually, I don´t post messages which only express that I agree with one or another previous post, but I strongly feel that I must voice my agreement with Mr M, when he reminds you of the multiple contributions you have made to help others. For example, it was only this morning when I was practising with nouns and their different meanings, using a printout of the summary you gave in this thread.

On Motivation: One of the most difficult parts of participating in this (or any) forum is that you don't get that "ahhhhh" from the class, when they finally understand the answer. Sometimes it is hard to tell just how appreciated your contributions are.

As far as making mistakes is concerned, I can only tell you that I much prefer to learn from people that make mistakes (sometimes). Nobody likes a perfect teacher !

Keep up the good work,


The above post is mine. I forgot to sign in before sending it off. Apologies to all.

Mister MicawberYou must be a young man, Aperisic-- you have a penchant for overreaction.
Ha, ha, a good joke. No, I was anyhow very temporary here - I have extremely busy weeks and probably months ahead. So it was around time to leave the forums, and I said to myself why not to make a joke.Emotion: smile

I might be childish, which I don't even feel embarrassed to admit, but a youngster certainly not.

When the time comes I will resume my visits.

Why I am making mistakes is because I try to rethink about everything. The fact that many people (including me, who should know better about English living in many different environments: British, Irish, Canadian and now American) suffer (truly suffer) learning again and again the same thing, never being able to make the clear plan is what force me to at least try to reorganize everything in a more different and approachable way. Yet, I am doing it on my own (with the help of brilliant literature and, why not to say, excellent posts of others, of course) without being able to correct every single detail (especially the problems are the examples where I am trying to fit them for one purpose but I forget another sometimes trivial moment).

I'll be back because that is important for my job. However, you can't miss me at all even if I won't, there are far better people here to help anyone around. Have a nice time, all! [<:o)]

[And thanks Mr Patrick (call me Patrick)
but in essence I am PascalEmotion: smile, I'll keep what you said in mind.]
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