Hi! everyone.I want to know what type of grammatical construction is this? When we say,"the chair cracked broken" why do we say both past simple and past participle verbs(both colored in the above sentence) together?
The sentence is incorrect
It could be one of these:
The chair is cracked and broken.
The chair cracked and broke.
That sentence is not natural English.
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There is no such grammatical structure in English. If the object is a wine glass, you can say " This glass is cracked" meaning it is still in one piece despite the crack. If you say: " the glass is broken", it meant it is in pieces.
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silak12the chair cracked broken
A case of an unfortunate example.

The door slammed shut.

The past participle shows the final state of the subject after the action occurred.
What's important is not that it's a past participle, but that it's an adjective.

The egg cracked open.

Thanks! CJ that was a really helpful answer.