The map illustrates the consumption of insect based products in 14 different countries. As well as, the chart shows the price in many different food sold in supermarket

Overall, the insect products used in almost countries account for a small amoun. While the Mexico consumption dominates. Turning to the supermarket, the wilds are shown to be the highest point among the other: the weaver ant ranks the most expensive price. Whereas the rice reaches the lowest for a small cost

At the beginning, the insects used in Mexico are experienced the highest rank for almost 71%. Whereas the willingness in Peru and Thailand, which are quite higher than the others, are made up for 58% and 56%. Beasides, Japan ranks the lowest point for about 21%. Almost countries which are willing to eat insects products, are accounted for a small amount, appoximately between 30% to 50%

Turning to the price of food in the supermarket, almost the wild things dominate the price in the supermarket, the weaver ant is the expensive one with 10.65 USD per kilograms. However, meat: buffalo and beef, pork, chicken are seen a cheaper price for 2.38 USD, 1.91 USD, 3,03 USD and 1,08 USD per kg (respectivly). Beasides, the lowest point which is about 0,78 USD per kg is the rice from Thai Hom Mail. Nearly the Glutinous rice price is a little bit higher for about 0,82 USD per kg


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