The information given by the chart is about the issues people have when relocating overseas and the variety of problems depending on their age groups.

According to the chart, the biggest challenge for the youngest age group (18 to 34) is establishing a friendship, at about 46 percent. Meanwhile, the percentage of people in this group who have problem finding a place to stay is less than 6 percent and only 29 percent of them find it hard to study the area language.

In contrast to the young group, learning a new language is the most problematic for the elderly at around 55 percent (nearly double of the younger). However, only over 22 percent of people in this group have trouble forming relationships and finding accommodation.

Compared with the other two age groups, middle age people (35 to 54) do not have much difference in the issues they face. The most significant problem for people in this group is locating housing with 39 percent, while the other troubles are only less than 3 percent and 4 percent respectively.

Overall, the middle-age group has to solve all problems the most and the proportion of older people who have difficulty understanding language is much higher than the others.


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