The following bar graph illustrates the proportion of Australian population in both genders who did exercises regularly in 2010.
Overall, female accounted for far higher percentages in almost age groups with the exception of the first and last one.
A closer look at the chart reveals that the highest figure of men was 52.8 % belonged to people between 15 and 24 years old while that of women was 53.3% of the group from 45 to 54 age. That means men did physical activity more regularly when they were young whereas women tended to do that when they were in mid-age. Furthermore, the percentage of female doing exercises steadily increased to reach a peak and then slightly decreased.

In contrast, that of male followed an opposite trend, they reduced their frequency of doing activity when they were 15 to 44 years old and then gradually rose in the next 4 periods. We can also see a similarity in the last age group, which both proportion of two genders were 46.7% and 47.1% for men and women respectively.


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The bar chart below illustrates the Australian percentage of men and women who did regular physical activity in different age groups in 2010.

It can be clearly seen,their are different aged people from 15 years old to 65 over aged people who did regular physical activities in 2010.

Their are six groups of male and female which take part in regular physical activity. Firstly,15 to 24 aged male with 52.8% and female with 47.7%, secondly,