The chart below shows the results of a survey about people’s coffee and tea buying and drinking habits in five Australian cities. Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.


The given chart depicts the Australian’s routine of buying and drinking coffee and tea in five specific metropolises.
Looking from a general perspective, Sydney is taking the lead in the fresh coffee criteria while Brisbane is placing at the bottom among the others. Moreover, the most frequent consumption of instant coffee is Hobart and the least is Sydney. In the remaining criteria, the majority of Melbourne residents refer enjoy coffee and tea in a cafe shop, which makes the city place at the top, whereas the Adelaide citizens rarely go out for drinking.
In terms of purchasing the fresh coffee, Sydney has almost 45% of people in total, which followed by Melbourne with nearly the same percentage. Otherwise, the proportion of the inhabitants in Hobart, Adelaide along with Brisbane barely make it to 40%, which accounts for approximately 38%, 34% and 33%, respectively. On the other hand, those 3 urban areas are making the lead in the instant coffee criteria with the highest percentage belongs to Hobart at about 54%, which followed by Brisbane at 53% and Adelaide at 50%, whilst just 47% in Melbourne and over 46% in Sydney.
Regarding the remaining criteria, the figure for Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart are nearly the same, which accounts for an estimate of 63%, 62% and 61% in order. Furthermore, Brisbane has above 55% residents who refer drinking outside which is much higher compared to Adelaide only has about 49%.

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