The bar graph illustrates the proportion of small, medium, and large enterprises which had a social media presence for business purposes in a four year period starting from 2012.

Looking at the graph, it is apparent that using social networking sites increased over the given period. Additionally, big firms make use of social networks most out of three types of companies examined.

In 2012, almost 30% of small companies used social media for business purposes. In the next two years, there were steady increases in the number of social network users of small businesses before dropping back to 30% in 2015. Then, this figure witnessed a sudden rise to about 50% at the end of the period. There was a parallel trend in that of medium corporations, which started at just above 30% in 2012 and gradually increase before experiencing a steep fall to approximately 30% in 2015. Then in the following year, almost half of medium enterprises used social media for business reasons.

By contrast, in the first three years of the period, the percentage of social network usage in large companies remained unchanged. And then, after hitting a bottom of 53% in 2015, the figure bounced back to 80% in 2016.


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