The pie charts illustrate the figure for water consumed for distinct aims in six areas of the world, namely North Amarica, South America, Europe, Africa, Centralasia and South East Asia. We can see clean that the high percentage of water used in Agriculture Use while Industrial Use is lower than other areas.

The percentage of water used for Industrial is the highest in Europe, account for 53 percent while Agriculture is the lowest number, make up 32 percent. The figure for water in North Americal used for Industrial which is rather high, with 48 percent.

There is the greatest percentage of water used for Agriculture in Central Asia, account for 88 percent. Meanwhile, Industrial and Dometic have the much lower percentage than Agriculture, account for 5 percent and 7 percent respectively. Africa and South East Asia also spent a significant number of water for Agriculture, with 84 percent and 81 percent respectively.


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