Hi, i wrote today in the chat page,but what i wrote isn't published Emotion: smile,i mean it's like if i don't write..

I did one mistake ,i gift my name in fb to someone there but i didn't know that it's not allowed ..i have just come in ..

If my profil is locked out ,when it will be allowed to me to write in the chatpage ? Emotion: sad

Thank you All Emotion: smile

Ps: I'm really sorry ...
Hello Oumaima,

It appears that your inability to chat is a result of your giving and asking for contact information. This doesn't happen with just one violation -- I expect you were warned at least three times (or warnings were given at least three times while you were in the chat room) before you lost your abiliyt to chat.

You will be able to chat again after some time. I can't say exactly when.
it happens
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I've just replied to your private message, Oumaima. Please check it.
hello ! can you please tell me why i'm banned from chatting again? thanks
Hi saloumey,

You were banned as sallourney and after requesting the deletion of that account you have created a new one 'salourney'. As you know you have been banned from the chat for not using English. This applies to the person not the account, so the person must face the consequences of their actions. You will be able to chat again in the future, but for now you must be patient.
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Hello everyone here...