I was writing a new entry for my blog, when i needed to write something like this: "She 's been always a self-possessed person and so .." i was about to say the same statement is also true about the guy. so i though of a sentence like: "and so has been the guy" but i wasn't sure hence i just continued "just like the guy". Would anyone tell me about the correct way of using "... so..." in this situation.
Many thanks
by the way this is my blog in case you're curious: http://adjix.com/zcj7
Please supply the whole sentence, and we will fix it if necessary.
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The sentence currently reads: "She's been always very self-possessed, Just like the guy". My intention is using the word "So" to say a first statement is also true for the second person as well. Something like: "She's been always very self-possessed so has been the guy". But i'm not quite sure if the part after "So" is correct grammaticality.
It is OK, but I think it needs a little tweaking:

She's been always very self-possessed, and so has the guy.