Hi, everybody. Could you help me?
"Because if you do, I got a great guy for you".
Could anyone explain why in the main part of this is used Past Tense together with the Present one in the conditional Part?
Is it the First conditional or it might be an exception or something else?
Ans it would be great to get some examples.
Thanks a lot.
I got=I've got=I have (all present)

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It's a kind of interesting. Is it usually used in American English?
This usage of I got as present is informal/uneducated, and not recommended:
Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees International Union: Hearings Before ... - Page 41

by United States Congress. Senate. Committee on Governmental Affairs. Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations - 1984

I would rather pass on that, if you do not mind. I got enough problems.


The Grizzly Man - Page 170
by Jon Sharpe - Fiction - 1985 - 10 pages

"It don't matter much if you do or not. I got a witness to them killings. He came
with me all the way from Black Bend." Grizzly didn't bother to deny ...

Thanks for explanations. It really makes things clear.
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