They lack the efficent means to fully evaluate a situation before they act, hence all the crime.
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Hence is well placed, but what do you want to say? Pretty confusing.


They lack the means ... hence all the crimes around us.
may I use hence in a sentence such as

He wrote to his sister, hence he got proud of it
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"Hence" isn't used much in the U.S., but use it as a substitute for "therefore" or "for that reason." Was he proud to have written to his sister?

He wrote to his sister; hence, he was proud.
I believe "hence" is related to "therefore" or "thus" in function, but differs in use. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't correct use require a noun after "hence"?

Applying this to the above example, we would therefore have:

Example: "He wrote to his sister, hence his pride."
How can I use the word hence is this sentence?

The United Nations takes too long to respond, therefore, countries should not only engage in conflict with one another after seeking the approval of the United Nations.
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As I understand it, hence is to be used when the action resulting from the preceeding statement is to be carried out in the future. Thus, in your sentence "therefore" and "hence" were interchangeable. My last sentence was supposed to be a clever use of "thus", "therefore" and "hence" in one sentence - I think I failed, thus I am failure.
Before action, they did not fully evaluate the situation, consequently, they commited all kinds of crimes

Correct me if i'm wrong
"He wrote to his sister; hence thus, he was proud."
Hence is used for future refence while Thus is used for past.
"He'll write to his sister, hence, he's proud"
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