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Does Robert and Sophie find out who killed Jacques?

The word 'Grail' comes from 'gra-al' or 'holy blood'. As the Grail is taken these days to be the container of something of awesome power and not to be dealt with lightly. The Da Vinci Code is peppered with inaccuracies. Dan Brown may say he is convinced he is right, but then he would say that, wouldn't he? He's got a book to sell....

I know, for reasons I can't be bothered getting into here, that Dan Brown is wholly wrong and mistaken in his interpretation of the FACTS given in the Bible and elsewhere.

And for the record, the Holy Grail is underneath Chartres Cathedral in France - infact the cathedral itself is part of the machine to harness the power of the Ark.

Read the facts in Laurence Gardner's book 'Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark'. Written after Da Vinci Code it demonstrates many of Dan Brown's inaccuracies and corrects them simply and plainly.

I would also like to add that the truth is stranger than Mr Brown's rather average fiction (and it IS fiction)....
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i couldnt read yet:(
I'm halfway through the book.

It has raised some interesting ideas for me (I've been looking at the number Phi for example, since reading about it) but everyone needs to bear in mind that it is a novel. It is based on a lot of things from the 'real world' but so are the majority of novels.

It is pretty dire writing in my opinion (too many adjectives!) but it is an enjoyable book for all that. Certainly a good 'page-turner'.
Anonymous...of the FACTS given in the Bible

I have stumbled upon a paradox!
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PieanneI'd say, yes, the grail is there, only it's not a thing, it's rather like a concept, a symbol for the holiness of womanhood.
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I agree with you. i think he is trying to say that there is no such concrete thing as the holy grail. but you can see the holy implications of womanhood and fertility everywhere.
that doesn't make any sense though. I mean why would there be such secrecy and troubles to protect something people already know? I was really dissapointed with the ending. If anything I think the book served a far greater purpose and that is it makes people read more into the past. I think any book that makes people read and gain more knowledge on a subject is the best kind of book.

last line of the poem "she rests at last beneath the starry skies"

well there are no starry skies in la louvre so the only place i can think of is da vinci's "starry night"

but i like you have no idea what the line about mary's bones is about. i hope the movie reveils more.
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Sit back and just think for a while. Imagine yourself living 1000 years from today, say Year 3006. Humanity has evolved significantly and many wars have also been fought for the wrong reasons( A fact we know from history). Assume that humanity have somehow escape total armagedon and you are decendants of the survivors of the turbulent times in the early 21st century.A time when humanity was still struggling with the basic truth about who God is or whether he even exist at all. During this turbulent times man had one last struggle with the abosulte truth, does god exist. The majority of middle easten people was the last breed of humans to practice absolute devotion to the notion of Allah(the name they call God) and are willing to give up their lives for him. At least that was what they were taught and believe. The grip of the muslim faith was unquestionable. You either remain a muslim and do what muslims do which is unquestionable faith or die to escape the faith. You had no choice. That's explains why many muslims rather take the alternative route which is to blow themselves up and hope for a better life than they had on earth. Poor bastards lack knowledge of choices in life.This fact created many fanatics and therefore fueled the terrorism in the world stage. You'll never see a rich saudi oil tycoon, although muslim do that would you. So terrorism, martyism is only confined to poor, hopeless Muslims. Some even come from asian countries like Indonesia (Bali bombing) who coincidently is also poor and hopeless. However the exception to rule exist with spoil muslim brats like Osama bin laden who hails from rich parents. This group of people are different. They were rich and are able to finance the terrorism acts ( NY) and most of them were educated in the west. Why the do it.? Firstly, their years of living among the west created so much hatred and didain for western lifestyles and to see non-muslims enjoying life is painful to them because as much as they want to be like them, their claustophobic muslim religion forbade them to follow. With their desires all cramped up within their hearts, they lash out at the west as a form of revenge or you may say jealousy. Secondly they have access to millions and millions of sad muslims who are poor and hopeless and are willing to do anything to get out of the rut. Trust me, being a muslim is no easy matter. You had to pray 5 times a day so technically you couldn't excell in your work or business. You have to pay heavy muslim taxes like ""zakat". You can't do this, can't do that. No liquor. No holding hands in public. No sex in the public. Man would you like to be a muslim. The better way is to blow yourself up and go to the promise land. Aparently it is a land where there are 50 virgins awaits you. In the promise land you could do all that you cannot do on earth. If I were a muslim, I rather take my chances in the afterlife too then be a muslim on earth. God help the muslims!

And what about the christians? It seems they are a bunch of sane people but were they really? IN the year 3006, we look back at their history and we see similar patterns with the muslims in 2006. It is just that they have outgrown the stiff rules of religion in the middle ages. If you were a christian during the middle ages, you are no different from the muslims in 21st century. The church can have you executed for heresy just by believing the world was round. And yes, christians were also brainwashed enough then to be sent to the crusade to look for non-existance cup. Yes we are talking about the cup of jesus called the holy grail. A cup? Thousands die for a cup! At least the muslims die trying to destroy modern civilization. Silly humans. The church constantly created many so called christian artifacts as proof of the religion but in actual fact, everything the church said was fabricated. First it as the shroud of turin, which was eventually disproved. Then the noahs ark, tears of mary in the church walls. birhtplace of jesus. All for what? To ensure that the people continue to believe. Just the same way movie makers create new movies every year. IN the year 3006, we now have conclusive evidence that the bible was nothing but a novel created by ppeople who started the church. We even now know that Jesus, was nothing but a fictional character no different from Superman or spiderman. Even superman had more evidence of existent than Jesus. Superman had many DVDs(some form of bible) and artifacts like t-shirts caps and movie poster. The church cant even conclusively say who Jesus was, where he was born or anything from archealogy. That's the reason why they created so many religious artifacts to replace the facts. Even there was concrete evidence that the bible was a plagarism of the more ancient Buddhist sutra. Buddhism is the only world religion that does not recognise God as the creator. In fact god does not exist. In 3006, they will throw you into a rehab center if one even suggest the existence of GOD. We should know better than to believe if fairy tales. Still there are some who because of low IQ, believe in the phenomenon called GOD. However in3006, we believe strongly in the existence of humanoid form of aliens. Some in fact has revealed themselves to a small group of people. Unfortunately these people had to be put away in assylums to acertain their sanity. Today, there's only one global government led by the decendence of Kofi Annan and Bush. Humans have spread to the moon, mars and jupiter. Space probes have discovered another solar system that contains yet another earth twin planet. Communication is still being established with the most superior intelligent being living there. Just as we have discovered Dinosaurus Humanoids in Alpha Century System, it seems that the intelliigent beings in Planet Bushidion makes up of Froglike humanoids that still practice religion as past-times pursuits. Live on the Ape-human race. Cheers'!
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