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Tinker ValP.s. Rakesh, are you sure you prefer reading books than watching the film ?
Of course I love reading books. Emotion: stick out tongue I never fall asleep while reading, no matter how boring it is. Emotion: stick out tongue
yes he found the holy grail, it was the bones of mary magdeline thats y he kneeled and prayed
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Ok, so it goes like this, the ending is like Langdon meets the relatives of Sophie and then he asks the grandmother about the Holy Grail, and she tells him that it is what people believe it to be, whether it is a thing that makes people stay young forever or some historical papers about Mary Magdalene and Jesus or the rights to life etc. She also tells him to give it a thought as to where it may be, it turns out to be at the Louvre pyramid, right where he stood in the beginning.

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I realize this is very late, but the discussion of the book and its subject matter still continues.

A long time ago-before the book came out-in my Latin class, my teacher pointed out that the phrase "San Greal" (Holy Grail) could have been a mistranslation and could have been "Sang Real" (Royal Blood). If anyone has seen actual Latin writing, there are no breaks between the words, so either interpretation could be correct.

Also, what many people have either missed or avoided totally, was the use of the phrase "blade and chalice". The Blade representing man, and The Chalice representing woman. The Grail would be considered a chalice since both are drinking vessels. Thus, not only would the children of Mary be of Royal Blood, but also come from the Holy Grail herself.

Dan Brown tried to combine both possible translations of "sangreal" into an entertaining story. And in many places, he succeeded.
The actual ending is that Langdon finds the Holy Grail exactly there..but he decides not to reveal the truth, thats all. As the Grandmother of Sophie said, Langdon would one day find Holy Grail and understand its true worth. The sole purpose for all sacrifices was to hide it as long as possible. There is also another hidden meaning there but this is the direct answer to your question...
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“The Holy Grail ‘neath ancient Roslin waits.
[The most ancient bloodline on earth is that of all Life - we are all related]
The blade and chalice guarding o’er her gates.
[Males and Females are the gates of Sentient Life]
Adnorned in masters’ loving art, she lies.
[In all works of expression and devotion]
She rests at last beneath the starry skies.”
[Every place on Earth]

It ain't the Louvre guys. As one smart dude ahead of his time once said - the Kingdom of Heaven is in you.

- Youtube poster.

Whoever the set designer was for the last crypt scene in the Da Vinci Code movie either knew who the real historical Mary Magdalene was or copied it from somewhere. Brown is telling us that the secret is in the symbology and it is a scholarly process, as well as a path of spiritual self realization, to decode. Brown is also saying that those who are of the Bloodline or related are more likely to find it.

Some other scenes are totally off the mark, so I believe they were designed by other people. The six pointed star over the stairwell in Roslyn Chapel not only doesn't exist, it is symbolically incorrect. A 5 pointed star would have been correct. The real Mary Magdalene was not Jewish by blood or personal faith, but that's a long story. Some of my research on Sangreal symbology at www.codedhaightashbury.com CodedHaightAshbury dot com

I agree wholeheartedly.

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