hey i'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this but here goes.....

can anybody tell me the exact interpretation of the ending of THE DA VINCI CODE ? what does langdon eventually find out? is the holy grail really located at the bottom of the inverted pyramid?

if anybody is sure....pleez leave a message.....i'm having a bit of a tuff withh my friend about what it really means!

thanx a lot in advance and hoping for lots of replies!

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Hey come on now .....NO replies!!!!!!!!??????????
Come on now i bet somebody has got to have read the book......i don't need an elaborate answer........just what u think!!!!!!!
hope someone will reply
I've read the book, but I don't really remember the end...
I'd say, yes, the grail is there, only it's not a thing, it's rather like a concept, a symbol for the holiness of womanhood.
I'll go and checkEmotion: smile
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The Da Vinci Code offers this hypothetical solution: the "holy grail" is encased in the smaller pyramid below the larger inverted pyramid adjacent to the Louvre, a structure that was supposedly achieved by the efforts of Mitterand (it may be true, but I have not verified it). The truth of this assertion can be doubted as well as many of the assumptions and supposed facts presented in the book. I am not discounting the book as entertaining or worth reading, because I felt well rewarded in many ways by reading it. Any reader would do well to separate fact and fiction from their reading of this dialog, while enjoying the story as it is presented.

No one should rely on this book as fact. It is a fictional representation with fictional charachters and events sometimes supported by facts and at most other times not. The book is fictional and does not represent to be otherwise. It is clearly meant as entertainment and should not be deemed more than that.

As a special response to your request, no one can be that sure of anything. However, there is likely no such thing as the "Holy Grail," nor is it reasonable that it is hidden under the "inverted pyramid" by the Louvre.

We all have our own vision of reality and mine does not include the "holy grail(grael)" in it.
thanx a lot for ur response. got to agree with u. however ...on a final note could you or anybody else tell me what dan brown thinks or rather what does the protagonist think?
does he believe that the grail is beneath the pyramid?

p.s. I'm doing a report on this book so i'd really appreciate anybody else's opinions!
Thanks in advance.
hey i'm doing a research paper on The Da Vinci Code book also and I was wondering the same thing. I was wondering if you can tell me if you liked the ending of the book, and I was also wondering why did he choose the Rose Line as his ending Epologue? I hope you can help me out and if you can thankyou.

IN addition to that I was hoping you can tell me your opinion on the ending of the book cause i am doing a research paper over the ending thank you once again.
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In recent interviews on Discovery and History channels, Dan Brown states that he firmly believes what he has written. Yes, he does say it is a fictional novel, but he claims all bases as fact. His stated sources such as "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and "The Gnostic Gospels" are controversial at best and contradictory to the Bible and independent, secular historical record.

One aspect of this book that makes it so appealing and popular is the conspiracy theory. Most people consider themselves well-grounded and mentally stable, but everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.

Online resource: http://www.wfial.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=artNewAge.article_12
If the link breaks, look for it here: http://www.wfial.org or here: http://www.watchman.org
hi,even i did read the ending and at first thought that all that searching was to just see the structure of the holy grail by Francois Mitterrand and it ws def confusing .But i did think that beneath the pyramid is Mary Magdalene's bones as it is given tat "the quest for the holy grail is the quest to kneel bef the bones of Mary Magdalene.a journey to pray for the outcast one."someone pls tell me if they think my interpretation is right??
in fact this site states Dan Brown made a mistake in the description of the pyramid
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