What is "the dark con of man"? (from the Da Vinci Code)

What does 'con' mean here? Is it a common usage in modern english?

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"con" = act of cheating on somebody.

It's informal and short for "confidence trick" (at least, in British English)

Hello M2L

If I "con" you, I deliberately deceive you in some way, to my own advantage (usually financial).

For instance, if I talk you into buying insurance with an insurance company that doesn't exist, then pocket your $250 premium and disappear, I have "conned" you.

A "con" is the related noun. It's very common.

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Hi, MrP.

Thanks for your explanations.

But, what does the whole phrase "the dark con of man" mean?

Well, it's a little difficult to say, out of context; but it seems to mean "the deceitful hidden nature of mankind", or "the sinister fraudulent heart of mankind".

I haven't read the book, so all this is speculation:

>what does the whole phrase "the dark con of man" mean?

that dark-skinned/swarthy cheating/stealing man (if you refer to his skin)
that wicked cheating/stealing man (if you refer to his morals)
that gloomy cheating/stealing man (if you refer to the "atmosphere" he "emits")
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I haven't read the book either; but to judge by the various blogs out there, my interpretation wasn't correct.

The phrase seems to mean "the fraud perpetrated by the Church, in misrepresenting Jesus Christ".

(I think at this point I had better hand over to someone who has read the book, though.)

I did read it, but I certainly didn't memorize it. I would interpret this to mean "The evil lie spread to fool mankind," based on what I remember
In Da Vinci Code, it's the fact that man has lied about the fact that Jesus was a mere mortal and that women and men are not equals
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