Hello Everybody,

I came across a phrase which goes like this : "Early speculation about the death of late Prince Diana....".

The prefix "late" means the following person has dead. Then, why use the word "late" in the above sentence when the word "death" has been used. "death" itself means the person referred has dead.

I bet it as: "...about the death of Prince Diana...."

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He was dead recently or at any time?
Who was ?
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"My late aunty's ....."

Does it refer any time : Recently or at any time?
LOL my aunt's a "she"
Never mind when she died, it's just to let one know that she's dead.
(as a matter of fact, she died about 2 years ago)
I mean, nobody needs to say "late Shakespeare", right?
Ofcourse, it's 'she'. It was another typo.

Meanwhile, what does "LOL" mean?
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Lots Of Laughter Emotion: smile
Is it used to convey that 'you are laughing after looking at sth'?
Well, I don't know what you mean...
I use it to let someone know that what s/he said/wrote made me laugh - in a very kind way
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That's what I said!
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