''We haven't seen a movie IN / FOR a long time.''
Does it make any difference in the meaning.
Off topic, what do you call a person who gets easily excited but quick to cool down.
Thanks in advance.
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"in" or "for" - it doesn't matter. There is no discernible difference to me. Personally, I tend to use "in".

I don't know of a single word that covers the type of person you describe.

Thanks for the quick response, Jim.
What do you think about wishy, washy? I'm not sure if it describes this kind of person.
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"wishy-washy" doesn't capture the idea of person who gets excited easily.
"wishy-washy" is "indecisive", "lacking strong opinions".

A hot-head gets excited to anger easily, but this word does not cover the cool-down idea you presented. Also, it wasn't clear to me whether you meant excited to anger or excited in the sense of enthusiastic. I assumed "anger".
Someone who gets interested in something new but gets bored or tired with it soon.
Actually, this is an expresion in Japanese and I was wondering if we can find it in English as well. [:^)]

I don't think there really is a good translation for this in one word.
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Thank you all for your time and responses. Emotion: smile
Something like: