What is the difference between "believe so" and "think so"?

1. Is he ready?

a. I believe so.

b. I think so.

2. Do you believe in God?

a. I believe so.

b. I think so.



Think has to do with your knowledge about something that is backed up with evidence or proof. - "I think so" means that you can produce reasons or evidence that it is true, given a short amount of time to do the research.

Belief has to do with what in your opinion is true, even though you have no evidence for it.

Magic792. Do you believe in God?

Those answers are not appropriate.

( a) says I have an opinion about my opinion. about God.

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Thanks AlpheccaStars for your answer.

Would you say that another difference between them is the degree of certainty with "believe so" being stronger than "think so"?

Believe so (strongest)

Think so (strong)

Guess so (weak)

I don't believe there is any difference on the strength of conviction between think and believe.

"Guess" comes, of course, with considerable doubt.