"Envy is coveting something (or someone) that somebody else has; jealousy is wanting something (or someone) that somebody else has but you think belongs to you. It's the feeling of being dispossessed."

I happened to find this in a psychology book, not a dictionary.
For me the explanation is very understandable and makes it easier to grasp the difference.
What do think about the explanation?
Not bad.
That sounds reasonable. You may envy someone who makes much more money than you, is better looking than you, and has an easier life than you. As a child you may have been jealous of a brother or sister who got more attention from your parents than you did.

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Envy is wanting that which belongs to another but you can only be jealous of that which is rightfully yours.

The Bible says that God is jealous. (Exodus 20v5)
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yes, those are the correct definitions, in my school days it was explained as, jealousy is a negative feeling while envy is a positive one... when i feel jealous of something it means i have a negative feeling that "he/she has that thing or quality but not me, and I should kill them to get that" but envy is something positive, "he/she has that thing or quality, but not me, if I try I can get that"

In a passage of Booker T. Washington it was written "I was envious of his ability to read but I knew if I try I could also read as well" and he was not jealous but just envious, envy has a positive connotation.

If it was jealousy the sentence (I suppose) would have been "I was jealous of his ability to read and I tried to avoid him or I tried to throw a stone at him...etc" (these are my imaginary words to explain the difference in meaning)
My father explained it this way: A friend of yours has a boat.
Envy - I want a boat too
Jealousy - I want your boat

It's a very bare-bones explanation, but it works.