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I am a newcomer to this forum and I am happy to get a chance to discuss somethings with you all.

Here I bring a question with me on the first day I get here and I really expect some responses from you, the question is indicated as the caption: the difference between "Payment" and "Offers of Payments". For example,Our activities in China create the risk of unauthorized payments or offers of payments by one of the employees, consultants, sales agents or distributors of our Company, even though these parties are not always subject to our control.

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Hi Claire, and welcome to the forums.

If the payment was actually made, it was a payment.

If the person suggested a payment be made, it was an offer of a payment.
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I think you meant to ask the difference between "unauthorized payments" and "offers of payment.".
A payment is when money is paid for a service or some goods. An "offer of payment" is when someone offers to pay you for a service you performed or goods you have delivered.

Both "unauthorized payments" and "offers of payment.". probably are related to a business risk - so I assume it means some transactions where the company could lose money.
Unauthorized payment losses might be the situation where your company pays for something that it never receives. For example, they ordered some materials, paid for the materials without approval before they were received, and the materials never arrived. The company has lost the money they paid.

Offer of payment usually happens when someone owes you money, and says that they cannot pay the entire amount, but will pay only a part of what is owed. You will lose the difference between what they pay you and what they owe you.
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Another possibility might be that what is being discussed is the payment of bribes, or the offering of bribes.

Best wishes,Clive
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Indeed, Clive. I would think that the direct use of the word "bribe" would not be politically correct in the same sentence with China, as it would in the case of some other countries where bribery is a "way of doing business.".
Hi all,

Thanks so much for all the kind explaination and clarification from each of you and I am so lucky to come across surfing this website and find out it is really very helpful for me to present and communicate whatever confuses me when reading the English materials.

Appreciate so much for your responses since I have been depressed by the no-responses of my posts on the other english forum so many times that I almost believe it is impossible for me to get anything by posting a question on the forums

God bless you all.