I can't understand the difference meaning of the "review" and the "comment" ? Sometimes they seem to equal, you can substitute for them each other optionally, but sometimes you can't. But I don't know when is the sometime? Thank you for the help in advanced.

PS: Is there any problems of grammar in my question?
Is there any teacher can answer me? Thank you !
I am sorry here, but I just wonder why still nobody could give me an answer for question? Do I make offence to someone? "Boycott Alanou' question"? You can judge how poor is my english from my posted article. Sometimes I want to express this meaning, but maybe it will convey you another meaning. Anyway, my english is very poor,especially in grammar and tense, so maybe you will misunderstand what I mean. So I came to here to ask for a help. Please tell me what happened and give me a hand, pls.
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Hi Alanou,

I didn't see your query until now, because I have been busy away from my computer. Sometimes things take a little time.

I can't understand the difference in meaning between "review" and "comment". Sometimes they seem to mean the same, you can substitute them for each other optionally, but sometimes you can't. But I don't know when the "sometime" is? Thank you for the help in advance.

You're right that these words can often be interchanged, but here are a couple of comments.

review This suggests a more general and thorough check and assessment. If your boss asks you to review something, you'd better look at it carefully. He/she may blame you for any errors or problems that you miss if they are later found by someone else.

comment This suggests a less thorough look is required. If your boss asks you if you have any comments on something, he/she may not expect many comments, or indeed any comment at all. It doesn't sound like he expects you to check it carefully.

Best wishes, Clive
Thank you very much, Clive. You meant , the "review" is a meaning of whole and careful check to something, but "comment" is a partly, careless check. Right? But another question from your comments, my teacher taught that a "transitive verb " can't follow(should I use passive tense here ?) by a "object". I found "substitute" is a transitive verb by dictionary, but why you use it in sentence "you can substitute them for each other optionally "? Pls tell me why , thanks a lot .
To ask someone to comment is not to ask them to do a careless check. It's asking if they have anything to add, change, revise, take out, fix, etc.

Regarding the transitive/intransitive, either you or your teacher got it backwards. A transitive verb needs an object. (Note that it's AN object, not A object, because object starts with a vowel sound.) An intransitive verb does not need an object. Some verbs can be either, depending on their context.
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generally, a review is made from many individual comments ...
Thank you two for the help. So happy to see you two kind teachers again, GG and MH.