I really don't understand what exactly the difference between these two word are.But i always use word vampire because it sounds correct to me when ever i'm talking about vampire(dracula) movies.Now i'll be waiting for you people to tell me what exactly the difference is between these words.
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Isn't Dracula the name of a vampire? Count Dracula?
Count Dracula was a vampire, but he is not the only vampire. There are many others.
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Well you people don't understand what i mean to say.I'm asking if you people can tell what difference is there betwwen dracula and vampire.Are they both the same things or different.hope someone gives me the correct answer.
A vampire is a type of bat that sucks blood from mammals.
Dracula was the name of a legendary Transylvanian feudal lord. A fictional horror story was written about this person, in the late 1800s by Bram Stoker I think, in which Dracula sucked peoples blood. Bram Stoker called him "Count Dracula the chief of vampires", meaning the chief of all those which suck mammal blood.
So yes, there is a difference. A vampire is a type of bat, Count Dracula is a fictional character, and Dracula was a legendary Transylvanian aristocrat.
Thanx alot Mike, your information really helped me.But if others have more to tell please go on and tell us more about the difference between these two words.
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dracula IS a VAMPIRE. Dracula was just a NAME for a vampire.
It's the same difference as the one between "president" and "George Washington" or between "monarch" and "Queen Elizabeth I" or between "television show" and "CSI: Miami." The first is the larger category and the second is ONE example of something in that category.

If you wish to use Dracula, use a capital D - it's a proper name.
Grammar Geek is the name of a person. English forums is the name of a website. Dracula is the name of a vampire.

You can't ask what is the difference between Dracula and vampire any more than you can ask what is the difference between Grammar Geek and a person, or English Forums and a website.There isn't a 'difference' between the words.
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