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I came across this forum doing a google search and am very impressed with the activity . I have never been on a forum with as many active members as this one . . Keep up the great work!!

I'd like to ask u a very important question >>> at least to me Emotion: stick out tongue

What are the differences between electronic engineering and electrical engineering ?

thanks in advance
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Read this

I have understood that they are in the same field

thank u so much sir Dominic

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A late reply here

Electronics is the science of valves, diodes, transistors, printed circuits etc., so this is the business of electronic engineering. Electrical engineering refers more to electrical machinery etc. However, with automation of industry and computerisation of processes I'd say that the two have come very close together.
Basically, both of them are based on the circuit theory. So, electrical engineering includes electronic engineering.

Developing the thought...

Electrical engineering refers not only to electrical machinery, but also to problems of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Its' main task is to provide a customer with electric power. As for electronics, I suppose, it is an "independent " science dealing, as has been pointed above, with valves, transistors etc, but it works not only for needs of electrical engineering. So, I think, we can't say that electronics is a field of electrical engineering...
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My name is khurram and doing Engineering.In my point of view the basic difference is the "power and information".
The study of power of electric energy or electron or electric current is called electrtical Engineering
and The study of information in that power is called electronics Engineering. Or in other word that effect produced by the signal is called
Electronics Engineering.

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i want the correct difference
When I was studying engineering I need to learnt both subject, at that time I classified electrical engineering as the study of 'big powered things' because you learnt about power, power plant, voltage control, transmission lines etc and electronics as the study of 'small little things' on the circuit as you learnt about diode, transistor, circuit design, all the low voltage stuff. But then then the 'small little things' is a part of the 'big powered things'.
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